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The Sakyong’s Visit to Vermont

This August at the invitation of a group of senior students, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche was graciously hosted by Jeanine and Michael Greenleaf at their home in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Sakyong had arranged with family members Lama Pegyal and Lama Gyurme Dorje to gather together and preside over the practices of the 49 day ceremony for his mother, Lady Konchok Palden who had recently passed away in Colorado. Since her passing, pujas have been continuously performed in Nepal, Tibet and Colorado, and the completion of these practices, a Vajrasattva puja concluded in the Tenno Hall on the Greenleaf’s property. The Sakyong was accompanied by Namkha Tashi a ritual master and umdze of Rigon Tashi Choling and kusung, Ryan McDonald.

The Sakyong continued puja practices in the Tenno Hall for the remainder of his stay, during which a number of guests came to pay their respects and participate in the practices including Patrons, Acharyas, and members of the Interim Board of Directors of Shambhala as well as a few senior students.