The Lady Sharon Hoagland Endowment was established in 2013 as a dedicated and permanent source of funding that supports and protects the teachings and activities of the lineage of Sakyongs. The endowment was funded through a generous gift from Lady Sharon and Mr. James Hoagland, who are life-long students and patrons of both the Druk Sakyong Chogyam Trungpa and the current Sakyong Mipham Jampal Trinley Dradul.


The donors’ intention is for the endowment to be a lasting legacy that enables the teachings and activities of the Sakyong lineage to grow and expand to benefit many generations now and in the future. The availability of the endowment is graciously extended to any donors who feel inspired to join this lasting legacy. By gifting cash, bequests, real estate or other personal tangible assets into the Lady Sharon Hoagland endowment, donors can be ensured that their valuable gifts can be kept, preserved and used to further benefit the lineage activities through the Sakyong Potrang.


Since its inception the endowment’s principal has been designated to be maintained in perpetuity, and distributions from the endowment have provided a stable financial source of income for the Sakyong Potrang. Made up of funds invested in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) as well as Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), the selection of investments adheres to a very high ethical standard and is carefully monitored to ensure that it reflects the wish of the donors to see their gift as a contribution to the creation of an enlightened society.


Each year three percent of investment returns is paid out as an annual distribution to support the Sakyong Potrang’s lineage activities including teaching, writing, rituals and practice retreats. It is not designated for personal support. Any appreciation in excess of this annual distribution is retained and reinvested in the endowment to grow into the future. In 2020 fiscal year, the endowment distributed $35,000.

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