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Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is the holder of the Sakyong Family Lineage.

Sakyong” is a Tibetan royal title meaning “earth protector.” The spiritual family lineage of the Sakyongs is held by successive generations of  “dharma holders” who are descendants of the legendary king of Ling, Gesar Norbu Dradül.

The spiritual family lineage of the Sakyongs holds a unique confluence of teaching streams rooted in the three yanas of Shakyamuni Buddha, the tantric teachings of Padmasambhava, the enlightened wisdom of the Rigden Kings of Shambhala, and the warrior teachings of King Gesar of Ling.

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In the year 2022, Rinpoche will continue to present introductory teachings, along with cycles of mahayana, and vajrayana teachings requested by his students this past year, and continue to respond to supplications for in-person and online teachings.

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When you make offerings to support dharma activities, you are creating an energetic connection to sustain and nourish the lineage for this and future generations. Your financial offering not only supports the lineage holder but also all activities of the lineage.

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Read the Sakyong Lineage blog for stories of the dharma activity of the Sakyong lineage, teachings and Potrang activities.