Sakyong Lineage

The Sakyong Lineage is the family line which holds, protects, and teaches the principle of basic goodness, which is the fundamental ground of enlightened society.

The word Sakyong means “earth protector” and refers to a lineage of leaders and teachers who over centuries have helped the world achieve peace during times of heightened conflict. More broadly, it points to every individual’s potential to act with courage and compassion throughout their lives.

Primordial Rigden


The Shambhala Lineage Thangka was presented to the worldwide community on Shambhala Day 2016. The Sakyong encourages all Shambhala vajrayana students to see and practice with this extraordinary manifestation of sacred artistry.

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When you make offerings to support dharma activities, you are creating an energetic connection to sustain and nourish the lineage for this and future generations. Your financial offering not only supports the lineage holder but also all activities of the lineage.

Rigden Nepal Pilgrims


Read the Sakyong Lineage blog for stories of the dharma activity of the Sakyong lineage, teachings and Potrang activities.