“The act of creating enlightened society is an act of generosity. We are engaged in fearlessness by protecting others from the setting sun. Ultimately, by engaging and acknowledging basic goodness, we are shown the path to goodness.”

— The Kongma Sakyong Jampal Trinley Dradul —


The Sakyong Potrang is a church of the Sakyong lineage of Shambhala and a charitable, non-profit organization in the United States and Canada. As the spiritual center of the world-wide Shambhala mandala, the Potrang’s role is to assist in sustaining the lineage of Sakyongs and their activities and to support the transmission, protection and integrity of the Shambhala terma teachings.

  • Support teaching activities
  • Support for retreats and writing activities, including texts, chants, liturgies, books and other instructional materials
  • Financial support to the lineage holder
  • Care and maintenance of lineage properties, including Kalapa Valley in Nova Scotia and the Kalapa Court in Halifax
  • Safeguard central assets of the mandala, such as trademarks, texts, practice implements, and sacred objects
  • Administrative support for the management of the Sakyong Potrang activities including finances and donor relations