The Sakyong will perform two pujas, or intensive practices, for the benefit of Shambhala this April 8th and 9th. These pujas are opportunities to request the Sakyong to specifically direct his personal practice to assist our households, loved ones, friends, and endeavors. The Sakyong regularly performs pujas for the benefit of the community in the spring and fall.

Medicine Buddha—April 8
Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha is one of the preeminent healing deities in the Tibetan tradition. During this puja, the Sakyong will dedicate his practice to the well-being of everyone in Shambhala, our families and friends. Medicine Buddha is performed for health, healing, and recovery from illness.

Dorje Tsegyal—April 9
171Gesar Of Ling
Gesar of Ling (Dorje Tsegyal)

Dorje Tsegyal is a wisdom manifestation of King Gesar of Ling, who powerfully manifested enlightened society during the early phases of Buddhism’s manifestation in Tibet. Dorje Tsegyal practice has the special intention of enriching, increasing, and strengthening the lungta and brilliance of projects, endeavors, and activity in the world.

Requests for Personal Practice

We can request the Sakyong to specifically help a friend, loved one, or ourselves through these practices. If we wish ourselves or a friend to be included, it is traditional to offer their name along with an offering to the teacher. These names are read to the Sakyong as part of the puja itself. We can also include a short description of the situation surrounding the request, however the most important connection is the name of the person. The names and descriptions are kept confidential and burned at the conclusion of the puja.

Participation on Puja Days

The Sakyong has requested that those who want to participate or connect with the pujas offer yellow and red flowers on the shrine or in special places at the home or center on the days of the practice.

The Sakyong has expressed that he will send a gift to those who have requested specific practice during the pujas.

Make an offering and request the Sakyong to include someone in his practice.